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Gbr $?

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So I decided I wanted to add some A few GBR to my fish list so went to price them and see the selection. There is only 1 place in town that carries them and they are 35$ a piece. Anyone know a place to get some for cheaper?
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WOW $35 a piece!!! Do they lay golden eggs??? :) I thought petland was high at $15. I literally just bought another one last week for 9.99 from my LFS which was an increase from his previous price of 7.99. He still has some males in stock and if theres a few dollars in it for me id be glad to mail you some.
$35 for that fish is ridiculous. I've seen them here for 7 or 8.

But I would never try them again. I've never had much success with them. Longest I've had them is about 2 months. They just die one after the other.
At $35 a pop I'd look on line or drive to Fresno.
they have them at my local petland for 15, and at a well stocked LFS for 9.99.

I'm breeding EBR's, I got mine from a breeder though and the stock is very strong.
Man i wish i had those prices!! Must be nice. Ya that LFS has a monopoly in the area noone has them. Ill just post in the sns here in 2 weeks when im ready for them.
Ya i usaully go in the store to pick out what i want and buy elsewhere. They also RCS for 6 bucks each lol.
$6 per fish is about the cheapest you'll find. You could always try Aquabid.
Man ill look around and see what i can find it sounds like everyone across the nation has great deals on these but my LFS. Thanks for all the help
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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