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GBR babies!

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I traded a bunch of salvini cichlid fry for 2 female and 1 male blue ram three Saturdays ago. I had tried, maybe a half dozen times during my fish keeping in New Jersey, but I was never able to keep one alive for more than a few days. Since I've moved to the Saint Louis area I have noticed that I really had nasty drinking water that was a magic elixir for any fish I put in it. Therefore I figured I would try the rams again. One of the females died after a week and I thought I was headed for the same old failure with GBR again.The 2 that were left seemed OK and I've been watching them closely to see if they might be bonding. No such luck. When one was on the left side of the tank the other was on the right. I never saw any of the close following that usually precedes spawning....until this morning. I have a hokey little fluorescent cave that I got with a Craigslist tank and this morning I observed that there was ALWAYS one of the two in there. This afternoon I looked in just before the lights went on for the evening and I see some little particles floating past the male. Closer inspection revealed about 30 or so free swimming fry! :grin2:
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So far so good! They graze on the infusoria from algae in my tank pretty much constantly. I also give them a little squirt of the smallest size Golden Pearls every couple hours that they seem to relish.
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