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Hi, newbie here! I'm setting up a 2ft cubed tank, and I'm not sure if these fish would be overcrowding the lower level of the tank?

  • 8x albino (or panda, if I can find them) corys
  • 5 or 6x kuhli loaches
  • and 1 german blue ram
...with some wood, lots of plants, caves, hollow logs etc.

(in the rest of the tank, I'm hoping this will work:
2 honey or pearl gouramis for cruising up above and looking all fancy-schmancy
A GA bristlenose
Maybe 20 WCM Minnows cause I have fry needing a home, if they make it to adulthood)

The tank is well filtered (300l canister)
And I wouldn't dream of introducing more fragile/territorial species like the ram, until a few months after cycling :)

Ooh and one more question - do panda and albino corys get along just as well with each other, as with their own kind, or would it be best to stick with one of those species?

Opinions needed, from folks with real experience with these fish, not just "my textbook says rams are bad news, and should only be kept in species tanks with rocks, and easter island statues" kind of answers, preese :D

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That's an awfully high bioload. Personally, I wouldn't do it, but you can probably make it work as long as you are faithful with weekly 50% water changes.

The Ram should be fine with all the other fish. IME they get along with other fish just as long as they aren't actively guarding eggs or fry- so with just one Ram in there you should be fine.

IME Cories also usually get along even when in mixed company, but I've heard reports from others where their species did not... I'd personally just go with one species b/c I like that "look" better in a tank.

If you get 2 male gourami, they may or may not get along. A M/F combo would be ideal.
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