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gasping fish. NOT co2???

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38 gal tank pressurized co2 6 boesemani rainbows.

co2 is off at night.

woke up this -morning- to gasping fish, one dead. co2 was already set lower then normal, and had not been on for over 12 hours (checked timer and solenoid, both were off).

raised the outlet from the canister and they eventually came back down. left it for a while and tried to reset the tank co2 and outlet. came back later and another fish dead, the rest gasping.

Why is my drop checker blue (4.5 dkh), co2 set lower then it has been in past weeks, nothing else changed....yet fish dying.
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How are your water parameters? Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, know, the usuals.
Do you have an inline reactor? Could have a gas pocket that has been putting co2 in your tank even after off.
Do you have a bubble counter on your CO2 system? How old is the solution in your drop checker?
definitely check water params, an ammonia spike can have them acting the same way.
How has the weather been? Hot? What is the temp in the tank? Do you run an air stone at night? Do you have any surface agitation at all?

Oh, duh, your in mass. Can't be to hot there this time of year...
May have been O2 depletion rather than CO2 poisoning, since plants absorb O2 at night and release CO2.

But the fact that raising your filter output solved the problem means that one, the other, or both gasses are the most likely culprits.

The fish that died later on in the day likely just took longer to die.
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