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Gas ' 240L

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Hi Folks,
My first post here and fist scuse my english.

Here my 240 liter tank , this is my first try to make a "really" planted tank (not a nano..).
Be sure I'm aiming to make a great tank and I'll continue my work for it!

Spec :
120x40x50 (cm)
4x30W (T8 6500K)
No co2
Homemade soil + quartz on there.

The tank before I decided to change it :

Some unhappy try :

And the currently hardscape etc.

Just a minute after I finished to plant it.

Sorry for the bad pics.
Need criticism and/or advices :icon_smil (feel free)
Hope you like it!
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update after a modification in the center , just switch with the rock at the right.

the center

the left

the right

Hope you like it! any comments suggestions?
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Cool, someone from france!!!
I think it will look great, but there are alot of plants, C'est tres dutch.
Honestly, I think it looks best in the second picture from the top.

I will reserve final judgement for when the plants grow in though.
thanks for your comment

@dufus : I don't mind to make a dutch tank style , just thinking all the plants there can provide a armony , a natural and colorful tank. But might I'm wrong.

@McgJosh : this version is this I made alone without any comment or advices , now I think this will look good but there was a lack on something and I dunno what.
Want to make my own scape from my ideas but the advices from more experimented folks are wellcome.
I like this current one and hope to see it at his best! Maybe in a few month I'll rescape my tank for the second version or something different according to my envy.

...update soon...
c'est magnifique, quel types des poissons est-ce que tu a dans ton tank, est que c'est un angelfish?
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