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Garlic: Benefits? Harmful effects?

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There are a lot of garlic supplements out there, and a lot of claims that they have antibacterial properties or that they enhance appetite. Do these claims have any scientific basis, or is it garbage? I was always told that it would enhance appetite, so when I did a search to see if any of it added up, there was a lack of info, only a lot of skeptics. I figured that this would be a good place to ask.

Does anyone know if garlic has any proven benefits? Is it possible for garlic to have harmful effects? Can you overdose garlic? Is it ok to place garlic directly in an aquarium?
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rumors I'm afraid... It might have some benefits but it's not antibacterial.. And I made my own food for the fishes and the garlic doesn't seem to increase appetite. They go for the with and without garlic equally.
Garlic has been used for treating and preventing intestinal parasites for a number of years. I believe Jack Wattley wrote an article about it in TFH. From what I remember, it takes longer than meds to clean out the system but it does work, and fresh works better than dried.

I don't believe there are any ill effects from too much garlic other than bad breath and gas. However, I found that fish need to get accustomed to it and if too much is added at first the fish will avoid eating it. Some people have there fish so used to garlic that they can just toss in a clove and the fish will pick at it until it's gone.
The only article I read that seemed to make sense was one about intestinal worms. It seemed to at least irritate the worms.
Does garlic bother plants?
Garlic is great for internal parasites, and Jack Wattley's favorite discus treatment, I've heard of it used with all kinds of cichlids and occasionally other fish as well; and I think that's the reason it got the reputation as an "appetite stiumulant"- b/c fish are certainly able to put weight back on once they've gotten rid of internal parasites!

I've only personally used it once (with angelfish), a long time ago- seemed to work fine.

I can't imagine it would have any impact on plants, especially if you don't overfeed and the fish eat it.
One of my Rasboras (the runt) has a teeny little spot of white on his tail, so I put a drop of Garlic Extreme into the tank this morning on habit, and then went "%$#@! Maybe the plants won't like that!" The white spot on his tail has gone away already. Coincidence? Probably... :hihi:
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