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Gardening Tips?

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Greetings everyone! I finally have a planted tank. Right now there is no real aquascape, but Connie and I are partial to the Dutch style. We are taking a "shotgun" approach, buying plants from the LFS (Albany Aquarium, great place), planting them, and observing what "takes". Can anyone give us a few quick and dirty tips on how to garden these plants? We have one they were calling "Reineicki" that was red when we brought it home, and is shooting roots off like crazy.

Water Plant Underwater Terrestrial plant Vegetation

We also have a Red Ludwigia. It has lost most of its red color, and was really "leggy" when we brought it home. Hopefully you can see the roots shooting off...

Plant Water Terrestrial plant Vegetation Grass

We have a few Lobelia that are doing in particular has hundreds of roots shooting off of it...

Water Plant Terrestrial plant Underwater Aquatic plant

The other plant that is doing very well that I was looking for advice on is the hairgrass. here is a pic:

Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Grass Grass family

Any gardening tips would be greatly appreciated. Obviously we are hoping to propogate and fill in the different layers.

You might notice some brown algae, or what I take to be "diatoms" on some of the leaves...they come off easily just by brushing them with your hand. Lighting is 2x33 watt CFL with an 8-hour photoperiod, fertilization is DIY CO2 and weekly Seachem Flourish. Substrate is Eco-Complete black planted. Thanks, and here is a pic of the entire tank 1 week after planting.

Water Plant Plant community Green Pet supply


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I'm nearly sure your 2nd to last picture is Blyxa, not hairgrass.
Do some searches online about propagating each specific plant, they are often times very different.
Good luck, nice start.
What's your substrate?

If water column is more nutrient rich accesible more roots will shoot out.

There might be something in substrate preventing nutrient uptake, but I would not worry about these asthetics.
AirstoND, the substrate is Eco-Complete black planted. I am fertilizing with Flourish...
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