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garage sale RO unit question

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found this RO unit today at a garage sale, Ive seen systems for 200-400 online and asked the lady why she was selling it. She said it was too complicated for her. I then asked the price. She said 3 dollars. So I bought it, cha Ching!
I have a 12 long that I'm running and it will be a shrimp/plant tank only! I'm planning on using this. I need to get new filters which look cheap enough. They say to Change every six months but will I need to do that if I'm only running 5 gallons out of it a week? Also is there anything it needs special for shrimp use? I wasn't planning on getting one but 3 bucks is a no brainer and its in perfect condition.
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I used to have a part time job where we went out to service these things! Are you aware that there are some who find pouring water out of a bucket to be too much work? I'm guessing you made a great find, there.
I would not automatically change the filter as we often found them to be almost new when we changed them. Get a manual and do it right and you may find the filters last a really long time-- or not. Depends on the water you put in and what you want out.
I'm sure it has some life, butthe filters don't look too expensive. First I got to figure out where I'm going the dang thing.
if u got the spout for the kitchen do it hook it up right, I love mine plus the better drink water for the whole family run a t line to the fridge and now you got great ice in the maker also

my water is junk and with a tds meter i change mine every 6 mos takes 25 mins to do it.

we use it for cooking, family pets and my 2 fish tanks. biggest advantage was the lack of hard calcum build up on the tanks
I want to put it under the kitchen sink but I just squeezed and I mean barely got a 20 lb co2 setup under it so I don't have room for the blue bladder tank. I think I'm going to set it up in the garage and just fill juggs for the fridge and a five gallon bucket for my water changes. I'm excited best deal I've found at a yard sale in a while!

Did u upgrade the storage tank? How long does it take to fill up a jug? I'm wondering about the speed if I need to upgrade the 3.5 gal tank it came with for water changes
I'd move the CO2 tank and put the RO system under the sink and hook it up for drinking water. Filling up jugs of water will be a PITA and will become a chore.

I am in the process of hooking up my RODI system up to the fridge for drinking water and ice.
Well I ran a co2 line through my kitchen island and I have a tank there on the backside being fed. I had no other choice as it won't fit anywhere else. I only really need the ro for that tank and I change about 5 gals a week. I have 2 year old and a 4 year old that I only give bottle water so another 2 gal a week shouldn't be that bad.
my tank is under my sink the unit is mounted in the cabinet next to it. i can fill from a full bladder tank a 3 gal bucket in 7-10 mins, then another bucket an hr or so later. my unit only makes more if the tank has room to fit more in it. To be honest i can never go back to the old way of non ro water
I saw a 5 gal storage tank at the hardware store for about 50. My tank is 12 long but have big rocks in it so 5gal should be good for weekly maintance.thanx tricken. I thought that was the case, having to wait to fill
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