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Galaxy Rasbora's at Scott's

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I was at Scott's tonight picking up some plants and they had galaxy rasbora's...for $5.99 !! It caught my eye because whenever I see them mentioned on this board the price is about $10-$12. They had around 4 left, but I assume if they got them once, they'll get them again. I think there's also a 20% off fish sale. Just an FYI for any local rasbora nuts.

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Hi folks,

This species has been given the new common name "Celestial Pearl Danio". Look up its Wikipedia entry and you will see.

The "official" Celestial Pearl Danio Forum at has been set up. Please pay us a visit and post your photos of this amazing fish there! Read and post articles on habitat, feeding, breeding and more. Click on the banner below to go there:

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there's two or three stores in my city that have these fish, cheapest 4.99 , most exp 6.99. they are extremely extremely tiny but full grown. i dont see what the craze is about these fish, they never look like the picture above, in real life. and if they do you have to zoom in like 500x like the picture above :) i guess they'd be great in a nano tank , though
honestly, they dont look that great to me.
i don't see why there's so popular.
i guess because they're new?
I have never seen anything like the photos either so i think those are enhanced somehow.
The more I look at them, the more they just look like a long-finned zebra danio with some colorful fins....I dunno.
Anyway, I saw some at a LFS here in Sac for $3.99, but they only had four or five left. I may try them if I set up an Iwagumi tank, but we'll see. I think the hype is definately because they're new. Pretty fish, but there are a lot of pretty fish :)
They are endangerd. I think I herad something recently that they may be extinct in the wild. Either way, I sure hope they aren't going to end up in guppy tanks and down the toliet. Unless you are interested in breeding them, why get them. Moreover, why sell them now.
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