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Galaxy Rasbora Species Tank

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This is my newly setup 40gallon. 3' x 1' x1.5'
The substance is gravel mixed with eco-complete. The plants in the photo were the only plants i could get at the moment. This is going to be a somewhat of a low-light tank. The lighting is only 60watts, but i do plan on getting better bulbs. I'm still in school so it might take me some time to get better bulbs, ferts and more plants. Heres a pic of day 1 after all the work.

Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks for looking.
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Turns out itd not going to be a Amazon tank. Just today i saw some galaxy rasboras at my lfs(I've been looking for these fish for a long time. So I'm going to turn this tank into a Galaxy Rasbora Species/Breeding tank. I did some rearranging of the tank so i could put the mesh wit moss at the front centre of the tank.
Heres a pic-
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