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Galaxy Rasbora-Cardinals Help needed

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I have a 29 g bio cube with many plants one Betta 2 albino glow-light tetras and a handful of cherry and crystal shrimp.Plus 1 galaxy (sole surviver) and one cardinal tetra (sole surviver).everything that is in this tank has been doing well.I started with a ph of 6.5 no amonia or nitrite-nitrates.The tank is 4 months old.

My problem is that i have attempted to add 3 sets of about 7 galaxies .The first time one lived so i asked the store what there water parameters were and then duplicated it on my tank thinking that maybe my water was not right for these fish.So then moved the ph up to 7 which is were there ph was at and tried again only to have the same result being all died with in 3 days.I basically did the same with cardinals in a different tank but read that Cardinal like a lower ph around 6.2 for instance tried 7 and one lived tried another 7 and they all died in 3 days.So basically i have one galaxy and one Cardinal alive and if i try to add more they die.Both tanks have fish that are doing excellent for 4 months now.I did find a cardinal head floating around is it a possibility that i have a nighttime psycho Betta that is killing these fish at night because i never see them floating or stressed at the bottom or top just gone all together and although i no the Betta cant eat them can it be possible that it is killing them and the tank is so planted i just cant see the bodies or is there something in my water that can be killing these fish? Thank you in advance.
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murphysart, i'm no expert, but i've had 3 galaxies for almost 2 years and about 20 cardinals for almost 3 years, i bought 5 galazies, 2 of them died in the first week, the other 3 have since been fine, happy, and fat, the 20 or so cardinals... i still don't know how they are alive because their supposed lifespan is about 1 to 2 years and i know i got them at least 6 months old! i use water out of my tap (in houston) and it is usually about ~8ph, a lot of people go crazy with all the technical details, but the truth is a lot of the ph type of water parameters are applicable to wild caught specimens as they are used to those water conditions in the wild, most of the fish you see in the stores these days are not wild caught (although i have heard both CPD's and cardinals are more likely to be wild caught than tank raised compared to many other species), anyway, the point i'm trying to make is that its most likely tankmates or bad stock like JJ said, the only other thing maybe if they are getting too stressed during transport or abruptly thrown into a very different water without any time to adjust to temperature or something like that, one experiment can be to keep the betta in a jar next time you get a batch of either and see how they do w/o him in the tank (although i doubt he is the psycho serial killer of CPD's and cardinals)
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