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Gah! Dead fish in my other tank...

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This time, it's not due to alcohol...

I just did a water test and my nitrites say 0.3 mg/l, ammonia says somewhere between 0ppm and .25ppm. My Nitrates say 2.5ppm. I just added 10 Rummynose and 4 Cardinals from my other tank. So far, I count 1 rummy and 3 cardinals down.

I'm going to do a 50% water change and check my filter. I'll likely have to change the micro filter pad (it's a XP2) and... what else? My foam pads shouldn't be bad. It's about 1.5 months run now...

Any ideas?
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I wouldn't change the filter media out if the flow of the filter is still sufficient. Removing the existing filter pads will reduce the number of beneficial bacteria. I'd leave the filter alone and just do the water change. Maybe throw in some more fast growing plants if you've got them from another tank.
Just do a water change, if the tank is small you simply over loaded it to fast, more than the filters bio capacity could sustain.
It will even its self out as the bacteria builds.

Your pads should be good for around 3 months/ish.
Well, I did the change, and the fish definitely perked up. One Cardinal I thought was a goner seemed to start swimming normally... we'll see as the day goes on. Thanks for the tips guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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