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Hi everyone I started this tank on March 22nd 2009 on my 14th birthday.
Im trying start getting into the planted scene.

Its a 12 gallon 2415x12

ehiem aqua-ball filter which soon I will upgrade to a external
cheap sera co2 kit
elite heater
and 18 inch T8 light 15 w is this alright or will I need a better light for growing plants names and plants i will add later because its not very organized at the moment

fish may seem overstocked but many of these were saved from my friend fish tank.

but heres the stock of the tank
honey gourami
4 cardinal tetras
2 pitbull plecs
bristlenosed catfish
2 blue neon gobys
3 corydora juhlii

elephant snail
3 amano shrimps

gibiceps i know these grow huge but this was my friend so it only temporary hes only around 2 inch
platinum tetra temporary
guppy endler temporary

need to find homes for these fish which luckily someone buy them off me so no worries and yes I know it looks empty and isnt worth taking a blind notice of it but Im trying my best to get it planted.

substrate I would like to change to ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia but I dont wont to harm the fish.
Thanks for looking and heres some pictures of the tank

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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