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Hi folks
I need some help discerning what's wrong with my fish(es). When I went to feed and check on my planted freshwater tank tonight I found that my white platy had grown an afro (see video). It looks like two of my other fish may be affected also.

Here's what I've done so far:
-All water parameters near ideal. pH 6.8-7.0. No detectable ammonia, nitrite, nitrate.
-Treating with Seachem Metronidazole just because that's what i have on hand.
-Added 6 Tbsp API aquarium salt over 3 days (45 gallon tank) will add some more tomorrow.
-Black hair algae outbreak is due to me slacking off on the Flourish Excel
-Filter flow was restricted and needed maintanenece (done)
-Several neons and one tetra lost recently.

Here's a video. Please excuse dirty glass and stupid rambling.

I'll check back here tomorrow morning and add some pics.
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