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Well I know I have hair and or fuzz algae can't quite tell the difference between the 2 but it's bright green and has hairs that streem off. It's growing like mad on my javamoss, micro swords, and wysteria. It has recently has been creeping onto my hygros as well >.<

Tank stats :

15 Gallon

PH : 6.4 (I believe the mopani has something to do with the PH being lowered)
Amonia: 0 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 0 ppm
GH: 8deg
KH : 4 deg
Temp: 81 deg F

-CO2: 2 2l DIY yeas bottles that go into a powerhead and then sent into the aquarium
-Drop checker is a bright green close to yellow
-Ferts: I dose 1ml florish 2x a week, and 1ml florish Iron 1x a week.
-Substrate: Flourite black
-Lighting:I have 2X 24 watts T5 HO hanging above the aquarium
-Filtration : Eheim 2213

Stock: 9 Amano shrimp, 2 small Otto's , and 3 apistogramma cacatuoides

50% water changes happen Every saturday, as well small 10% changes will happen during the week when I wash the glass / trim the hygro.

The tank had been running for a couple months but recently I changed the substrate to flourite black .. about 3 weeks now. Not sure if it has to do with that but I just can't seem to get it down and I hack the plants that are infested, take out as much of the algae I can and then 3-4 days later it's all back :(

Any help would be much appreciated. I will try to take pics of the algae but in the mean time this is what the tank looks like:

Yes that is a flowering Anubia Nana :D just wish I wasnot cleaning it off of algae daily rrrrrr

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Dough I forgot to mention added some frogbit on top and placed the Lighting up higher above the tank on the max holder position some 5-6" above the tank.

Will take a pic tonight to show how it looks now ... sigh got to love the constant battle of cahnge 1 thing readjust everything till you get it right :(
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