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Hey everyone,

I'm currently debating about getting back into aquariums and purchased some Ohko stone for a hardscape idea. I really liked the look of the Spec V but need to know the inside tank dimensions to see if my idea will work. If anyone knows or could measure that would be a great help!


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Here is what I found:

Overall Footprint: Length = 20-1/2″ (521 mm); Width = 7-1/2″ (191 mm). The footprint measures the black plastic frame at the bottom; the actual glass dimensions are less than this.
Overall Height: 11-3/4″ (298 mm). This is measured from the surface that the aquarium rest on to the top edge of the glass.
Overall Height Including Light: 12-3/4″ (324 mm)
Main Display Section: Length = 17-1/8″ (435 mm); Width = 6-3/8″ (162 mm)
Pump Section: Length = 2-1/16″ (52 mm); Width = 2″ (51 mm)
Filter Section: Length = 2-1/16″ (52 mm); Width = 4-5/8″ (117 mm)
Filter Section Height: 9-1/8″ (232 mm). This is from the top of the baffle that the filter media rests on to the top edge of the glass
Inside Height: 10-9/16″ (268 mm). This is for all compartments, measured from the top of bottom glass to the top edge of the glass.
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