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First off, I have been scoping out this forum for a while and finally made an account.

You may skip this following section if you like to the bolded headline below, back ground information this section, if you want more information, like why the changes etc. just post to hear more about it.

For back ground information, I have been fish keeping for the past 5 years. This has been a crazy trip. List of tanks/history:
- betta
- 10 gallon community
- 55 gallon (community, planted, cichlid, 2 8" oscars, then oddballs {rope fish, polypterus, and others}, then finally saltwater/fowlr)
- 75 gallon fowlr (porcupine puffer, trigger, snowflake eel)
- 120 gallon planted oddball tank (Beautiful ornate bichir that grew from 2-3" to roughly 9+" , angelfish, derpy longfin oscar baby, 10" black ghostknife, 6-7" fire eel, 2 7" Bala sharks) Might add pictures later on

--- As of currently: Fluval M40 reef tank and 20 gallon axolotl

In the future, I want to setup a low tech cold water tank.
I have slowly done research on plants, tanks, lighting, fish, etc.
There isn't too much information out there for this type of tank (yes its going to be an unheated tank {no chiller either}, yes stability blah blah blah, I live in a house that has consistent temperatures. Axolotl's unheated tank stays between 64-66*F)

So based off the information I have collected, this is what I am planning:

-18" Diameter x 12 " Tall 18 Gallon cylinder aquarium (custom tank - acrylic)

-Java fern center display (round area of them bushing in the middle of the aquarium surrounded by small rock wall) white sand outside of it




So as you can see the last three slots aren't filled, this is my dilemma. This is where I need suggestions. I have been looking into this for about 3 months now.

For Fish: Looking into a school of Gold White Cloud Minnows, I would like something that might be able to either scavenge around the sand and or another schooling fish. Open to ideas

For Light: LED, looking for something with a similar look of kessils, round/sleek looking (but kessils are severe overkill for ferns).

For filtration: (Picky time) This is my troubling spot, I would like something sleek looking, but here is my issue. Obviously I can get lily pipes to make it look nice, but the multiple styles of canister filters I have had in the past are a pain in the buttox to open/clean. I have been through marineland canister filters (magnums, hang on), hydor pro600 canister filter, fluval 06 and fx6. These all have annoying issues with opening or cleaning (sometimes priming).
Would really like to stay away from hob filters, but their convenience of cleaning is making them look like the only option.

Thank you
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