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Fused Mouth Disease/Syndrome?

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Hi everyone, I have a strange issue with a goldfish's fused mouth. He's a normal comet feeder but I've had him for years so I have quite an attachment to him. He got a fused mouth a few months ago but he's been living quite fine. I feed him and even though I've never actually seen him eat, he's alright and he breathes. I tried surgery twice. The first time I found a cartilage/plastic kinda thing jammed vertically across its mouth, I was able to cut it in half (fully anesthetized) but that didn't work. During that time, I also found that a membrane or skin of some sort grew in between its lips. The second surgery a week after, I tried cutting it but I am not sure if it's open. If anyone has some insight or experience with this strange disease, please help me! My little feeder might pass any day now :[
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I have not advice to offer, but I would like to see photos.
Personally, I'd suggest finding a vet that handles fish.
I can't get a clear shot of its mouth :[ it's a little inflamed in the center but other than that, nothing noticeable. And also, there are no vets that treats fish in nyc that i know of.
Are there any public aquariums in the city? If so, call them. They may be able to point you in the right direction of a vet that can help.
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