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Furniture as stand for 20L?

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I'm brainstorming what sorts of surfaces I could use as a stand for a 20 long tank. I'm not seeing any existing stands that I really like in that size. I weigh almost as much as a filled 20g. tank, so I'm assuming anything that could support my weight would be doable...perhaps avoiding particle board or other surfaces that could become greatly compromised if wet.

Any BTDTs or advice?
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The last time I used a small little bookshelf thing for a 10G I put a "stabilizer bar" across the back of it. Just a strip of 1x2 wood that I painted black and attached on the upper right and lower left of the bookshelf/table. It really added a lot of strength, and you couldn't even see it after the table was fully laden.

For a 20L tank, I think the rule of thumb is if you can sit on the table with no issues, then the tank should have no issues. Although I guess that assumes you're a hefty 200lb guy like myself, hah. A full 20G tank is roughly 160-170lbs.
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