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This is my first actual post here other than my intro so I'm sorry if this isnt in the right section.

I have some kind of parasite or bacteria killing the girls in my betta sorority tank, it was suggested to me that I buy Furan-2 for them, but I'm not sure if this is okay with my plants?
I read somewhere that it will make val's melt so I removed those already but am not sure about whether it would be okay or not to leave the rest in there?
Moving the fish into QT is out of the question seeing as my QT tank is only 2.5 gallons and I have about 16 fish I need to treat.
I can move my plants into a different tank temporarily though, but wouldnt prefer not if possible.
Here is my plant list - i'd love some input!
Anubias nana, assorted java fern, money wort, rotala indica, amazon sword, java moss, anarchis, frogbit, giant duckweed, aquatic banana, cabomba, and 1 mystery stem.

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