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fungus on plant bulbs

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I have some dwarf lily and aponogeton bulbs (like those packages from Walmart). I put them in a container with some tank water in a window to see if they would sprout. They have started to, but they are also now coated in a cloudy white shroud that looks like fungus or mold. Anybody have any ideas on how I might clean this off permanently so I can plant these in my main tank? Peroxide bath maybe? If so, what concentration?
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You might get lucky, but I found that the very odd time that I had a bulb develop that kind of fungus or mold, it was pretty much a dud.

You can inject(using one of those baby medicine syringes they sell at wal-mart) 1ml hydrogen peroxide/per gallon of water directly on the bulb in the tank. That should clear it up. Make sure that you do this with the lights off and pumps/filters turned off for 30 minutes after application to maximize the impact.

Good luck.
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