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Fungus in shrimp tank?

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Last night before bed I fed my shrimp and the tank looked clean and normal. All my shrimps were alive and good. I woke up this morning and almost every shrimp was dead. I only have like 3 left. The tank is covered completely in some kind of white fungus. It’s all over my substrate and plants. I have a couple baby shrimp frys left. (About 4 left of the 30 babies I counted last night.) Ive never seen anything like this and don’t know how I should proceed cleaning the tank because I still have a few remaining babies. What should I do and what is the fuzzy stuff? I did a water change about a week and a half ago before all the babies popped up and my water quality/temp was ok. Sorry about the bad pic
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Kind of hard to tell. The shrimp on the left looks like a molt from photo. The one on right sure looks like a dead shrimp as they turn pink after awhile. How long has tank been setup and what did you feed them before issue?
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