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Many 'fungi' diseases are actually bacterial in origin. Several organisms can cause fin rot, and if the tissue is compromised a fungus can move in on the damaged areas. Fungi rarely attack healthy tissue. I think this is what is happening to the fish with white edges to their fins.

I would move these fish to a hospital tank and begin treating with some medicine. Question is, which one?
All over cloudy sort of look could be excess slime coat production, which just means something is irritating the fish. Parasite? Wrong water parameters? Since the others are not showing this, then I would tend to think parasite or disease sort of thing, rather than a water problem.

Google some pictures of Columnaris. This is a bacterial infection that can make the fish look white. Starts in a small area, and spreads. Treatment is with something like Kanamycin in food. The same bacteria or other Gram negative bacteria can cause fin rot. Same medicine.

Always quarantine new fish EVERY TIME.
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