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Tonight I was trying to see if I had some new baby Cherry shrimps as a couple of my girls are prego and I've never watched a Cherry Shrimp give birth. I thought I saw something but it was too small.

I imagine my son has a magnifying glass, but he was in bed so I grabbed a spare old 50mm lens and turned it upside down. Press photographers use to use them as loupes to look at negatives and slides as the optics are better than many loupes. If you turn one upside down, the closeup optics are terrific with a naked eye, though the magnification isn't that great. But its enough!

Didn't see any baby cherrys, but I did see a fast moving FW worm which wasn't a Planaria and I also saw my first Hydra! The Hydra was off white and had five cool tentacles flapping in the current. I actually saw a couple of them attached to some floating Ludwegia from a trim in another tank.

I pulled the clippings with two Hydras out as I have a mystery fry in there which I'm guessing is a hatched White Cloud. Since this mystery fry was free with some plants and is surviving, I have taken a special liking to this fast little fishy.:thumbsup: He's about 10 days old and I'm grinding up Tetra crisp to powder hoping he can eat it. He is growing. I hope I can get him up to the size big enough to survive a Hydra's poison. Wish I had taken a picture. Maybe tomorrow if I see another Hydra and remember to bring home a macro lens.:)
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