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Hello i an planing a new diy led light for a 33gal tank. I herd about full spectrum led and did a research and found those.

Did anyone tried those? I am looking at the 30w since i could use them with ldd-1000 driver and my stormx controller that i already own. The light is realy pink but i will probably combine them with 10000k led or a different with.


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Here is a thread I started on this lighting project.

This is 126 watts over a 75 gallon, no CO2 moderately planted tank.
Each LED disk of 7 was changed to 4-10K and 3-Full Spectrum.
2.7K beads all failed so I replaced with 10K.
4 to 3 ratio per disk doesn't look pink in the water @ all.

I do not run these @ 100% duty cycle, it would be an algae farm!

I have failed to test with a PAR meter, but soon, other projects and experiments going on.
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