Full neptune apex automation system. I've used this for the last 5 years to great effect. Moving to a much smaller tank that I don't need to automate due to life stuff. Able to monitor all water levels, control the return pump, do automatic water changes, monitor pH, ORP, temperature, PAR levels, and flow rate. Watches for leaks, and can be fully controlled from your phone via wifi from anywhere in the world. Text and email alerts if anything goes wrong, allowing you to turn off broken heaters, stop the pump if it springs a leak, etc. Kit contains the following:

1x Apex Base Unit
1x Energy Bar 8
1x ASM module (PAR monitoring)
2x FMM modules (Flow, water level, water change modules)
1x DOS (automatic dosing of ferts and other fluids)
4x optical water level sensors (auto top off, overflow, emergency shutoff, etc)( SO much more reliable than float valves)
1x V1 PMUP (water change pump)
1x V2 PMUP (water change pump)
1x solid surface leak detection sensor
1x solenoid valve
1x FS100 flow meter
1x breakout box
1x pH probe
2x ORP probes
All necessary plugs and cords and power

Missing Items:
1x Temperature probe (mine wore out, no longer accurate, needs to be replaced(~$30))
1x DOS 1link cable (broke this during disassembly it will need to be replaced(~$20))

Retail value ~$2000.

Can ship anywhere in the US.

Everything is in working order outside of the two missing items listed above and i'm happy to share my programs for various tank functions.