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Hello all -

I've run this ad a few times, since I am too lazy to ship the thing and want to sell it in one go. So, another price reduction and the whole system can be yours!

Here's the listing:

For sale is a GLA CO2 system, which is in perfect condition. My original regulator had a leak, and Orlando over at GLA replaced it with a brand new setup about 9 months ago, so this regulator is essentially in perfect condition, works well, and even has CO2 in the tank.

I am hoping to sell this unit to someone in the Denver area who would like to pick it up near downtown Denver, if possible.

This system is priced to sell at $225. I will deliver if you are in the Denver area. Payment by Paypal only.

The system consists of:

- GLA Ultimate Regulator setup. Important note: my setup includes the Milwaukee SMS122 controller, not the one pictured on the GLA webpage. Everything else is the same, though.

- several packets of calibration solution for the controller in both 4 and 7 ph

- 2 small nano drop checkers, and a big bottle of solution for them

- 10# CO2 tank from GLA in perfect condition

- 1 Aqua Medic AM1000 Reactor! Amazing reactor, not a single bubble gets through it :)

I have posted this before, hoping for a local buyer. I had a few offers but nothing came through. So, I'm trying again! Please no lowball offers and NO I will not ship it. I'll just drop the price until someone comes and gets it.

I am currently looking for: Cardinal Tetras, Endlers, tall background plants (lowlightlowtech)!

thanks! Dave
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