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Offering my Waterbox 75 gallon (120P)(48" x 20" x 20") rimless high clarity glass aquarium with all accessories for a "turn key" dry system with nearly everything that you will need to have it ready to scape. Please see the complete tank journal here at "120P: Long Island" for many photos and a detailed description.

The sale will include tank, stand, lights, filter, pump, CO2 system, testing equipment and maintenance tools...and more.

The stand has a built in power strip, a magnetic tool holder, and a pull-out shelf to make working on the filter much easier. The aquascaping wood is mounted on thick slate. The Oase cannister filter has a removable pre-filter for easy maintenance and also a built-in (removable) heater. With this setup there is no equipment inside the tank except the clear lily pipes and the Inkbird temperature controller probe. The stand is furniture grade, not DIY.

Since the tank is dry now the sale will not include the original contents, except for wood. It is a blank slate of best quality hardware to support your own effort.

Asking $1295. Payment will be in cash at time of pickup. The buyer will assume responsibility for the safe removal and transport of the tank and equipment from our Washington DC home. I will help supervise and will explain all details.

I would like to sell as a complete system but might consider selling the tank with stand separately.

Feel free to contact me for details.

Below is a list of some equipment that will be included along with original ~costs for reference purposes.
Aqua Forest Aquarium (AFA )Archaea Stand (furniture quality) $645
Twinstar 1200S 48" LED Lighting: $430
Light Dimmer and Timer $34
Water Box High Clarity 4820 Tank: $750
OASE Biomaster Thermo 600: $353
Oase Filter Sponges(spares)$20
Fzone Pump/external: $74
Lily Pipes $25
Commercial CO2 Regulator ~$400
CO2 5lb tanks(2) $200
CO2 Diffusors(2) $34
Inkbird Temp Controller: $34
Python Water Changer $60
Grounding probe $14
Power Strip: $40
Wood $100
Smart Plugs for pump, heater and CO2 $30

Thanks for looking!
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