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FS: Used GLA Paintball Regulator

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I have a used GLA Paintball CO2 regulator with solenoid that I no longer use. I tested with no leaks. You are welcome to test it with your own paintball (I no longer have one) if you are interested before you buy. I rather not to ship it, so not going into SNS atm. I have the jbj bubble counter also if needed. The only thing missing is the cover from the low pressure gauge, but I have a cover that you can glue on if needed, there is no damage on the gauge. Another thing is with a little diy, you can turn this into a regulator that can use co2 cylinder if you ever need to upgrade and the adjustable output pressure is 0-60psi. Just get the cga320 stem and some elbow connection from the forum. Price is $100 dollars. Don't go cheap with your paintball with an ASA on/off valve. Thanks.

This is the original from GLA website.
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GLWS, and if nobody locally wants it, send me a pm, I might be interested.
same here if no local wants it i would love to have it. just pm me also with an amount you would find satisfying. i will pay for shipping if needed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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