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Hydrocotyle isn't in the best of shape. Monte Carlo is fantastic and algae free. Subwassertang is just being subwassertang, Pogostemon is fine.
Snails may be present on all plants except subwassertang and monte carlo. Those do not have snails.

SHIPPING: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Shipping is unfortunately slightly more expensive now due to USPS raising their flat rate box prices. Small boxes are $7 and mediums are $14. You just need to tell me your order and I will let you know which box it will fix into.

PLANTS : -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Blyxa japonica - $3 per 5 stems (has tiny amounts of algae, and snails*) SOLD OUT
Hydrocotyle Tripartita - $3 per golfball (has some algae on it and snails*)
Monte Carlo - $5 per 2x2" square (no algae or snails) SOLD OUT
Subwassertang - $5 per golfball (no algae or snails)
Pogostemon helfri - $4 per 5 stems (no algae but has snails*) SOLD OUT
Malaysian Trumpets - $1 per ~15 (contains snails :p)

* snails include malaysian trumpets, mini ramshorn, and bladder snails.

All plants grown in a high tech environment with co2 and fert dosing with the exception of the subwassertang (lowtech).
PM with questions and inquiries! I am not super interested in trades but if you have other plants I will take a look.
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