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I am rescaping my tank with Asian plants, and I need to find homes for some echinodorus (Amazon swords) I've already put in. There are about 5-6 smallish martii and one labeled as kleiner prinz although the leaves are pretty round and the rosette a bit tight for that (grown emersed, perhaps). They haven't been in the tank for long and aren't established (but most have decent roots). If anyone is interested, I'd let them all go for $20, negotiable. I'm open to trades, but I'm pretty specific in what I want (Asian plants and possibly small Asian fish).

I also have a decent amount of bolbitis and some salvinia that I will include.

I'm fairly susceptible to emotional appeals as well. If you're new to the hobby and in desperate need of plants, for example, drop me a message.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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