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[STRIKE]I have a large collection of dwarf sag for sale, about 100+ pieces. Balled up together requires two hands to carry! Instant carpet for any tank. I had it carpet a 8" x 36" section of my tank before I pulled them up. $40 shipped takes it all. [/STRIKE] *****SOLD*****

Also have 18 specimens of java fern. Please refer to pics for size details. $30 for half of them. $50 shipped takes it all. 12 LEFT, $30 SHIPPED TAKES THE REST (can also break up)

[STRIKE]Also have a mother crypt lutea, $10 shipped. The non-mother, $4 shipped. $13 shipped for both. [/STRIKE]*****SOLD*****

[STRIKE]Also have two red tiger lotuses (I think these are the dwarf variety). $5 shipped each. $8 shipped for both.[/STRIKE] *****SOLD*****

Please refer to pics for details. All plants are in healthy condition with no algae. Comes from my big tank! Will ship fast, next day handling.

Pick-up also available in Douglaston, NY 11362.
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