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According to an ID by pt member Tinanti (thank you again) I have a Echinodorus grisebachii
E. parviflorus , E. amazonicus and E. bleherae (not bleheri, as it was named after a woman) are all united under the name E. grisebachii, as although there may be some slight differences, they are not district enough to warrant species status. Your plant falls somewhere under there.
Its going to get too big for my tank so sale/trade time!

1 Echinodorus grisebachii approx. 7" tall x 7" wide now+ 1 plantlet stock ((proper term? same species)roots have started to grow)
View attachment 495785 View attachment 495793
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10"x6" tub of Hydrocotyle leucocephala (aka Brazilian pennywort) various sizes (4"-12")
View attachment 495801 View attachment 495809

1 sandwich bag of Saliva minima(duckweed and riccia free)
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Buy: $12 shipped
Trade options: true Echinodorus parviflorus 'Tropica', any red plant(s) that stay red in medium light and no co2-i use excel, iron + root tabs used (alternanthera reineckii maybe?), may consider other trades but mostly interested in plants, I can include $+trade if you are giving generous portions or rarer plant(s) to make the trade fair.

Shipping will be via small flat rate priority box. I ship Monday through Thursday. Payment via Paypal as goods and services. Shipping only in continental US.
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