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FS - SW Macro Algae Chaeto & Codium more

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Have too much for my nano tank.

Chaeto softball size portion $6. 3 available - filled with pods and a possibly a few baby Bristleworms. Visible ones removed.
Sorry about the pics being upsidedown

Separately a small cup full of Chaeto and a maybe 10 small / baby Bristleworms for your worm eating SW friends.

A nice size portion of Caulerpa racemosa ~ 4x5" nicely branched and full. Looks pretty much like this pic (beware it can become a nuisance.) Mine I just trim out. Not a problem.

Caulerpa prolifera a couple strands with a 5-6 new leaves $5.00 1 portion available

A small trimming portion of Black Codium one chunk branched 3-5" x 3-5" $5. I was told that was its name but may really be called this codium intricatum or edule or maybe something else. It looks like the more common green one but stays black in my lower light tank but lightens up with more light. One maybe 2 available.

Up north I25 HWY 119 or 52 as available or HWY 7 - (on certain days usually Tue., Wed, Thurs & Sat afternoon)

Please PM for additional info.
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