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I lost a day, thought Today is Friday and rip of some Super Red Rubin Ludwigia...Its 11-12 tall stems with side shoots, rooted... I need this gone by the end of the day. Max: tomorrow afternoon. Reason I need gone: 1) Am lazy to replant 2) Some stems sp. shows the sign of twisting.bending once chopped off..BUT
If you are ok with the twisted stem( which will go away in a day or 2 after replanting) I will hold these: but I need payment in advance...

I can't meet each individual separately, hence group buy is suggested....Take all for $40 and divide among other members(who ever is in your list) or get every thing keep what you need and sell the rest...

This is my original source..

Again I prefer to deal 1 individual....I can't come to do deliver plants...I'm located at Sunnyside, 11104, blocks away from #7 train..can come to meet in Train station.
Pm me further...
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