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For Sale!
  • Super Red BN Pleco Trio ($70 each Trio) optional extra Super Red BN Pleco Male ( $+25). I HAVE NO EXTRA FEMALES
  • Super Red BN 1.5" to 2" unsexed fish ($40 each group of 6) optional extra Super Red BN 1.5 to 2" $7 each
  • 1 x Super Red BN Adult Male and 6 x Super Red BN 1.5" to 2" unsexed fish ($50 each group)
The trio I am selling are guaranteed 2 x male (with bristles) and female super red BN plecos. They are 16+ months old so no sleeper males. The group of fish I'm selling has siblings that have already breeding (I have 3 breeding pairs from this group). The pairs I'm selling are not yet proven breeders but can be conditioned to breed ASAP. The minimum size is 2" for the females and 2.5" for the males. The males I ship are always bigger than the female. My policy is to ship the biggest fish and I ship egg-bound females if I see them. I raise my fish in 3 60/55 gallon tanks and fish are only grouped 1 month apart so it's easy for me to determine their age. Some spotting is sometimes present near the tail of my fish but my fish ARE NOT calico super red plecos.

About the Fish
My main breeding pair are unrelated. I originally bought these plecos as cleaner fish for my planted tank. I ended up purchasing the original plecos one by one for a total of 4 super reds.
My plecos breed true super reds. My fish do not produce regular black, calico, or albino BN pleco. I don't think I've ever seen a calico pleco from my main breeding pair in the hundreds of fish that I've raised. Some of my fish do have slight spotting near the tail but overall they do not have spots or patterns that resemble a calico pleco.
All the males I ship out all have bristles and I check females for a particular pattern on their belly that shows they are egg bound. I try to ensure the pairs I ship are real pairs and no surprise sleeper males.

Water Parameters
These plecos can live in a wide variety of parameters but below are my tank parameters
Temp: 72-78
TDS: 120 to 160 TDS
PH: 6.5

Diet / Food
I provide a variety of food to my fish to make sure they are easy to adapt to your tank. Please use the following food and slowly introduce them to your own food. I also recommend having some form of driftwood in their tank as they will rasp on it.
  • Zucchini (Main food - I just wash with hot water and peel the skin)
  • Repashy Soilent Green (Main food - gel food)
  • Xtreme Scraper (Main food)
  • Xtreme Monster Pellets (Main food but small amount)
  • Pleco Bug bites (rare feeding - they changed their formula and the quality got lower)
  • Canned Green Beans (rare feeding)

Please note that all fish require 24 hrs of fasting to ensure that they do not poop in the bag.
USPS Priority (Live Animal - other) - The Estimate is around $15 to $25
USPS Express (Live Animal - other) 1 or 2 day. The estimate is around $35 to $65
I can provide an estimate if you are interested.

  • Additional info
    • I can ship USPS Priority mail with Live Animal - Other option applied to your shipment is to ensure that the box they are being shipped in is handled with care and is stored in a proper location as it goes through the postal system. No Live Arrival Guarantee with USPS Priority mail and please be aware that it may take 4 days for the fish to get to your using USPS Priority mail. I cannot refund you if the fish arrives to you dead.
    • Live arrival guarantee for USPS express. 3-4 Clear pictures of the sealed bag with dead fish must be provided 2 hours after the delivery time. My live arrival guarantee only covers the replacement of dead fish if the buyer agrees to pay for shipping. USPS does not refund shipping or accept my claims for fish shipped using USPS Express.
    • I ONLY ship Mondays and Tuesdays for this time. I don't do Saturday shipping since the USPS hub near me is experiencing a lot of delays.
    • All fish are shipped in a styrofoam insulated box. I use 4 mil polybags (8 mil total) with pure oxygen and each fish is double bagged individually to ensure maximum chance of survival in transit.
    • I will not ship to you if temp for the estimated day of arrival is more than 100 degrees.
    • Local pickup is available.
Paypal only.

Message me here if you are interested. Leave your zipcode if you want a shipping cost quote. Thanks!



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