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I am selling a bunch of star grass that is over grown in my tank! This plant is HARDY!! IT may have a little algae on it but hardly any, I will try to pick around the ones that do have algae. DHG has some algae also, I will pick around the ones that have a lot of algae on them. DHG will spring out new roots without algae on them, then you can just trim the algae ones off. I will sell the ones with more algae for $2 a plug. This plant will take off FAST once in your tank! I AM NOT responsible for your weather. Mind your weather please. $10 Minimum would be appreciated. I am also selling plugs of DHG for $3 per plug! NOTE: DHG plugs I will have pre trimmed and seperated for you, so less work for you when planting!

I have tons of this stuff.
Star Grass:
5 stems of star grass= $5

1 plug- $3
1 plug with algae-$2

I will be using 2 day shipping. So as a flat rate I will charge $7 for USPS 2 day shipping.
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