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Hey guys! I still have a ton of shrimp left. I'm trying to get rid (harsh word I know) of all of them so once they are gone they are gone (CRS, CBS, Blue Bees, Tibees) Please help me :). Priced to sell


Red cherry shrimp - 12 for $10 (1 package available)
- these are offspring of my PFRs and Bloody Mary shrimp.
- some are a nice fire red and some look like regular ol cherry shrimp
- juvenile sizes only

CRS S - $3 (5 available)
CRS SS - $4 (5 available)
CRS SSS - $5 (3 available)
CBS S - $3 (5 available)
CBS SS - $4 (5 available)
CBS SSS - $5 (5 available)

Crystals range from juveniles to adult sizes
I may have more but just to be safe I know I have these available :)
I also have some funky Tibee racing stripe CRS and CBS adults if interested in them then send me a pm

Blue Bees (paracaridina) - $2.50 (10 available)
Royal Blue Tiger Culls - $5 (10 available)
- look like blondes to regular OEBTs

Shipping - $12 USPS priority shipping in an inch thick styrofoam insulated box.

I guarantee overnight or 1 day priority mail shipping and I'm willing to work with you if something happens to the shrimp so that both parties are happy.


Dwarf Sag (not true) - $0.50 per plant
Myrio Mattogrossense - $0.50 per stem
Taiwan Lily - $0.50 per plant


Blue Bees



RBT Culls

Funky racing stripe CBS
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