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Hi all!

I'm unloading a bunch of gear, starting with my current tank as I no longer have space for it.

I'm not interested in parting out the system except for the CO2 portion which I'm keeping. I set up up the tank about 6-months ago and I purchased all the equipment new within that period with exception of the Eheim filter. I've included photos of the build process, major components, and highlights, but feel free to ping me for more photos if you need.

The Build - asking $750, open to offers.
  • UNS 60U - 20 GAL
    • No major scratches
    • Side glass panel contains a small "bubble", which despite early concerns, the impact is cosmetic (see my thread)

  • Twinstar 600SP LED Light (pendent type)
    • Run for less than a year 2-steps above lowest output
    • Dimmer switch included

  • UNS Light Hanging Bar x 2
    • Great condition

  • Eheim Classic 600 (2217)
    • Bought this second hand, about 2-years old
    • Filled exclusively (pre-filter canister in front) partitioned (mesh bags) bio media

  • SunSun LW-603 Pre-filter
    • 3-stage filter ahead of the Eheim 2217

  • Eheim quick connects 16mm x 2
    • Extra quick connects in addition to the 16mm and 12mm from the Eheim 2217 (4 total)
    • Like new

  • Hydor ETH 300W 5/8" (16 mm) External In-Line Heater
    • Just installed, less than a month old.

  • JARDLI Metal Lily Pipe Surface Skimmer Steel Stainless Inflow Outflow
    • Great condition, minimal mineral deposits

  • Black 10L Controsoil fine

  • Hardscape
    • Estimate 15/20 lbs of Seiryu Stone (hurts to part with the wedged shaped mother stone)
    • ADA La Plata sand
    • Manzanita wood

  • Plants
    • Monte carlo carpet
    • Anubias barteri
    • Cryptocoryne parva
    • Dwarf hair grass
    • Staurogyne Repens
    • Cryptocoryne
    • Rotala green
    • Rotala red (small patch)
    • Mini pellia (coral moss)

  • Livestock
    • 8 cardinal tetra
    • 6 ember tetra
    • 2 ottos
    • 6/8 amano shrimp

2 Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun led lights - barely used - SOLD
  • Opened, set up, and configured. Several hours of use at 35% on a build I never completed.
  • All original accessories included.

Kessil Spectral Controller X - great condition - $80
  • Set up and configured.
  • Includes micro usb and usb-c cords.
  • Mounting plate has some mineral build up from the previous owner.
  • Bought this from a Reef2Reef member.

Kessil A-Series Spectral Controller - great condition - SOLD
  • Set up and configured, decided to go with the Spectral Controller X.
  • Comes with a generic micro usb charger, cord, and audio cable.

2 Kessil Mounting Arms - fair condition - SOLD
  • Missing 2-steppers (plastic spacers)
  • Some wear on mounting brackets.
  • Screw and scores on arms.

30-lbs of Ohko (dragon) stone - $100
  • Not interested in separating out.


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