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Correction - The plant I named Rotala Mexicana is in fact Pogostemon Erectus as was pointed out to me by a few helpful members. This plant was sold to me as R.M. and why I listed it as such.

Both are out of my main tank, very healthy and super bushy. Take a look at pics, any questions let me know. My tanks have good light, co2 and PPS Pro Ferts. Very little algae but in truth probably none. Tank does have some snails but nothing out of control, just natural :)

All will be shipped via usps flat rate small box shiping so add $6. No heat packs or cold packs, but I do package my plants very careful (check out buyer comments in my profile). If package gets delayed or another problem, send me photo of package when you open it and we can figure something out ;)

Pogostemon Erectus -
$4 dollars per 4 stem - Most are 5" to 8" long Only 2 portions left
$6 for rooted and multi top group (3 available)

Lobelis Cardinalis -
$3 for a group of 3 pieces
$5 multi top piece (see pictures)

Also have 7oz bottles of 4dkh solution for drop checkers for $4. It would cost you more to buy the distilled water and baking soda, and one bottle will last you about a year for one tank!


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