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I have a Rex Grigg regulator with Ideal NV and Clippard solenoid for sale - $100 OBO

10lb cylinder empty- $40 OBO

Regulator pic in link below

DISCLAIMER: I'm no expert when it comes to pressurized co2 but when the solenoid shuts off on this reg the working pressure gauge will slowly rise to about 30-35psi. When the solenoid kicks on it immediately drops back to where its supposed to be. I've been led to believe this can either mean a slow leak or a dirty reg. Either way I never bothered to fix it because it never caused a single issue. My 10lb cylinders still lasted almost 6 months before starting to run low. The link below is a thread I started when I discovered the issue.

Please PM if interested

And a more recent post that I happened to see, looks at a glance to be a similar issue:
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