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PM me if you have questions.

Very rare plant: Littorella uniflora
$20 each

SOLD Rotala mini butterfly $3/per

Bolbitis heudelotii (African Water Fern) $5/per rhizome

3D shrimp net. High quality!!!. total length 21.5inch when expand.
$18 each

3D shrimp egg hatchery net. $15 each

2 High quality Plant Scissor 10" one straight one curve $18 each.

Carbon Pro Razor algae remover set, the handle made by Carbon very light. it come with one blade, blade remover, screwdriver.‎ also once put on the blade cover it ca use as Sand Flatterer, total length is around 20.5 inch.
$35 each.

check Valve
$5 each

Shipping $6.
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