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FS Ranchu Pickup Lindenhurst

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Hey guys, have't posted in a while but finally got around to putting these guys up. Earlier this year (April-ish) I purchased these 8 Top-view ranchu from a great breeder. I've been growing them out but want to move on to other projects. They're feeding like pigs on Saki-purple and frozen bloodworms. I originally purchased the group for $120 but price is somewhat negotiable. These guys would be available for pickup at South Shore Tropicals in Lindenhurst once I get an offer. Pictures below and if you have any questions feel free to PM me, Thanks,


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Come on guys, there has to be some goldfish enthusiasts here... All you need to raise these guys are a big sponge filter, a shallow pond/ tub, and a bucket for water changes, perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with raising TVR. I'd also trade for some shrimp if that's preferred.
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