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All plants are algae-free.

Purple bamboo (Poeceae sp. “Purple bamboo”), emersed
SOLD OUT Bunch (5 stems) for $7. 0 available

Taiwan moss, Taxiphylum alternans
Very thick golfballs, $5/ea. 18 available.
Buy four get one free.

Nymphoides sp. "Taiwan"
Large mother plant as pictured, $12. 1 available.

Hygrophila pinnatifida
SOLD OUT Bunch (5+ stems) for $6. 0 available.
Buy both for $10.

Rotala sp. "H'ra"
SOLD OUT Bunch (6 stems), $5. 0 available.
Buy all for $30 shipped.

USPS Priority Shipping $6. Free on orders over $50.
I will ship plants immediately or will hold for better weather if you are experiencing blizzards. I will pack as securely as possible to prevent cold weather damage.
Please pay via PayPal.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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