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Just got done with a trimming

FS are

1 GIANT Crypt. Wendetti is what it was sold to me as when it was just a little sprig. So it was really unknown. But it has grown to a giant mother plant that sends runners out in all directions. Give your crypt forest a jumpstart. 8 bucks for the whole mass.

13-15 blyxa japonica plant's. 5 bucks.

E. Tennelus -Narrow leaf. Mother plant and all her runners. all have their own roots. bout 10 plants. 3 bucks.

A BUNCH of Alternanthera reineckii.

I broke down my two mother plants and came up with about 20 or so smaller ones. I have about 6-7 6" stems. And about 10 3-4" ones. all have great roots as this plant is root crazy.
Lg stems $1 each
Sm stems .50 each

Shipping for whatever you get is 5 bucks.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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