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Rescaped my 120g planted tank. Have few plants that I no longer need.

Erio Vietnam - 30-40 plants
Crypt Wendtii - large/medium - around 30+
Leopard Vals - very large/large/medium - 50 plants
Rotola Colorata - around 40 stems
Bolbitis/African fern - Huge about 1 ft wide and 18" tall
Java fern - About 12" x 10"
Some other misc plants water sprite, hygrophila, penyworth etc..

I prefer to sell everything as 1 package or split into 2.
Each package is $100 shipped. Local pickup is welcome in the Northern Virginia/DC area.

Hate to split the Bolbitis. It's huge and makes an awesome plant in a big tank. Had it forever.
Make an offer if you are just interested in the bolbitis.

Java fern is huge as well.

See pics for ref. All plants are in 3ft tray and 20" tray. Soda can for reference.

Ingredient Plant Food Leaf vegetable Grass


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