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I have one plant package, my tank needs a trim.

7-8x ludwigia sp red
5x rotala vietnam
1x lobelia cardinalis small form (Which is really like 30 small plants)
2.5x2.5" monte carlo sod
4x star grass
2x Limnophila guinea (very delicate, not guaranteed in shipping.)
1x bacopa salzmannii
5x Rotala Indica 'True'
3-4x Bacopa sp Japan
1x unknown ludwiga (collected in houston, could be ovalis or palustris or hybrid)

$40 shipped - pending

Will cut plants when shipping, however most if not all will be rooted whole plants.

will throw in extras, and you can request subwassertang, frogbit if you would like some.
will ship saturday or monday.
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