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(If you are looking for the shrimp, then scroll down aways)

Plant Package SOLD

6" x 6" patch of HM baby tears (the bigger dwarf baby tears) - $20 shipped


Painted Fire Red cherry shrimp - $1.50 each or $25 shipped for 10+2 PFR shrimp
-I don't guarantee that all will reach PFR grade by maturity, but they will very red.
-Sizes vary, but most will be juveniles at 1/4-1/2 inches long

Picture of parents

Picture of offspring

Pumpkin shrimp (Neocaridina sp.) - $2.50 each or $35 shipped for 10+2 pumpkin shrimp
-Color varies, but most look like these:

Malawa shrimp - $1.50 each or $25 shipped for 10+2 malawa shrimp
A great tankmate for any species of Neocaridina.

Shipping on shrimp is $10 USPS Priority Mail
I don't guarantee DOAs, but I'll work with you if there is a problem.
Heat Packs are available at $2 each for 72 hour heating (These will be here next week)
PM me with any questions

Thanks for looking!
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