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I'm doing another trim and would like to move these guys out. I've not done the trim yet, so I have to guesstimate how much of each will be there.

Java Moss - I have a huge plant (size of a volley ball) that needs major trimming so I'll include a few fist size pieces. - $1.00*

Java Fern - large matt ~"4x6" - $6.00
[STRIKE]smaller piece ~"1x3" - $2.00*[/STRIKE]

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) - 6 stems/pieces - $3.00

Bolbitus (Bolbitus heudeloti) - 2x3-4 inch rhizomes - $2.00

Vals Corkscrew - whatever comes up when I trim - free*

Moneywort - 10-15 stems at 2-4 inches in length - $2.00

I will ship Priority mail if what you want fits in small box it will be $4.80, if not it will come in the medium sized box at $9.85. I'll let you know before paying. If it has an * by the price I'll add some in for free if you purchase something else.

I'll sell the entire package for $22 including shipping.

PM me with questions.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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