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Decided to go Power Seller so my threads don't expire. I'll eventually start selling my livestock, plants and CO2 items and will update this thread.

Click here for my original SnS thread for Osmocote Plus Gelcaps. Includes my cost breakdown so you can see I'm just breaking even on high-quality, organic vegetable-based caps. They're extremely shelf stable and don't contain bovine-based gelatin and chemicals.

The specifics:

  • 25 Osmocote Plus Fertilizer Gelcaps - Size 00 for $5 shipped
  • 50 - $9 shipped
  • 75 - $13 shipped
  • 100 - $17 shipped

What they look like:

How I use them:

I use about 5 of them per square foot of planted tank space and they last me 3-4 months in larger tanks (depending on your substrate), 5-6 months in smaller tanks (under 10gal) that only have HC and hair grass. My glosso and UG tanks actually last longer than that with Eco Complete. Your mileage may vary a bit.

Want to order? PM me.


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